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A Legacy of Wellness: 60 Years of Excellence with Douglas Laboratories®

For over six decades, Douglas Laboratories® has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation, catering to the needs of healthcare professionals. Our journey has been one of unwavering dedication, as we’ve emerged as a leader in crafting science-based, top-quality nutritional supplements that span 12 health functions. From supporting healthy lifestyles to fostering innovative wellness, Douglas Laboratories® is here to elevate your patients’ potential for healthier living – both today and in the future.

Guided by Purpose: Our Enduring Mission

At the heart of Douglas Laboratories® lies a mission fueled by purpose. We’re not just crafting supplements; we’re researching, developing, and manufacturing a suite of supplements that are meticulously designed for healthy aging. Our commitment extends beyond the products – we provide customized practice support, aligning with healthcare professionals to ensure the best for clinical practices and patients alike. With a heritage of 60 years, we’re here to push the boundaries of potential, helping everyone perform at their personal best, now and forever.

Championing Sustainability: A Collective Pursuit

Our journey isn’t solely about wellness; it’s also about positively impacting communities and the environment. Sustainability is more than a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment that drives us. At Douglas Laboratories®, we’re partnering with unique organizations that share our vision of becoming fully recyclable. This pursuit aligns with our collective endeavor to contribute to the quality of health for communities while fostering a sustainable future.

Join the Wellness Revolution: Partner with Douglas Laboratories®

Douglas Laboratories® isn’t just a supplement brand; it’s a symbol of excellence, innovation, and purpose-driven wellness. Our journey of 60 years is a testament to our commitment to healthcare professionals and patients alike. Join hands with us to elevate your practice, empower your patients, and shape a healthier today and an even brighter future. Together, let’s push the boundaries of potential and redefine what wellness truly means.