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A candid shot captures the clinic owner and Dr. Fife, radiating approachability and friendliness, suggesting a welcoming environment at the clinic.

Dr Colbey Fife

Meet The Doctor behind Wasatch Wellness Center

Dr. Fife was born in Sandy, UT, and raised in Draper, UT. His passion for healing ignited at the early age of 7 when his mother, a registered nurse, would take him along to her hospital shifts. Witnessing the “man in the white coat” making people feel better sparked his lifelong ambition to become a doctor.

Initially drawn to surgery in high school, Dr. Fife’s focus shifted during his pursuit as he realized his deeper connection to long-term relief and preventative, rather than curative healing. Encouraged by a mentor to explore physical therapy, he embarked on a journey in kinesiology, though still unsure of his path. It wasn’t until a visit to a chiropractic office that he found his calling.

Beginning his chiropractic education in 2020, Dr. Fife obtained certifications in Applied Kinesiology (AK), cupping, dynamic taping, and homeopathy, alongside earning two bachelor’s degrees in anatomy and kinesiology, a master’s in neuroscience, and his doctorate in chiropractic care from Parker University in Dallas, TX.

After completing his education, Dr. Fife returned to his Utah hometown with a steadfast commitment to serving his community’s healthcare needs. Beyond his professional endeavors, he treasures moments with his family. He married Rylee, his soulmate, in 2018, and together, they’ve cultivated a fulfilling life. Their family includes a pack of beloved dogs, their daughter, born in 2022, and they eagerly anticipate welcoming a son in the spring of 2024. Embracing the outdoors, they delight in kayaking, fishing, camping, and sports, all while embracing a natural and wholesome lifestyle.

He moved back home to serve in the healing of his community that he grew up with in Utah. When he isn’t treating patients he is spending all of his time with his family. He married the love of his life and beauty queen Rylee in 2018 and since then they have grown a life together with a team of dogs and a daughter they welcomed in 2022. They all like to go to the park, spend time in the mountains or going on drives with the windows down. His favorite things to do are kayaking, fishing, shooting guns or bow, camping, grilling, working out at the gym, and pickup games of football, baseball, or basketball. He is focused on a healthy and natural life for his family and it is reflected in their choices with food and surroundings.