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Define the Adjustment with the “Extra Something”

I acknowledge that the Palmers originally did not envisage the “extra something” in chiropractic practice as a spiritual or psychic element. Yet, personally, I experience a profound connection when engaging with a patient. There’s an undeniable spark, a sense of contributing to their healing through a transfer of energy or Universal Forces, which seems to ignite my own inner vitality. This sensation, as I perceive it, represents a dialogue between their Innate Intelligence and the therapeutic energy I channel.

I’m aware this perspective isn’t universally embraced among my peers in the medical and philosophical communities. It doesn’t neatly align with the Palmers’ original intention, which characterized the “extra something” as a profound readiness and precision in administering an adjustment, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition, meticulous preparation, and flawless execution. I fully endorse this rigorous, knowledgeable approach. It’s the hallmark of professionalism and far from the discredited practices of less scrupulous practitioners.

However, I also believe there’s room for a personal dimension to this “extra something.” In my view, it includes not just the technical precision but also the intent or energy the chiropractor brings to the treatment. While this might diverge from traditional interpretations and lack the empirical backing some might require, my experiences and observations have convinced me of its validity. I’ve witnessed the remarkable healing outcomes when a practitioner combines technical skill with genuine intent and care, surpassing what’s achievable through mechanical adjustments alone.

This doesn’t mean I see one approach as superior to the other. Rather, I’m drawn to an integrative model that views patients as individuals in need of not just physical adjustments but also energetic upliftment. In this context, chiropractors are not just technicians but healers, addressing the root causes of discomfort to foster holistic growth and well-being.

Our role is not one of heroism but of support and guidance. We assist and inform, helping patients on their journey to wellness. In embracing this philosophy, I’m not discounting the Palmers’ wisdom but rather building upon it, incorporating my unique insights and experiences. I don’t rely solely on quantitative data to validate my approach. Like many aspects of chiropractic practice, some elements elude conventional measurement yet are profoundly effective. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but I am committed to a path that resonates deeply with me and, most importantly, benefits my patients.