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The Mental Impulse (The Bridge Between Universal Forces & Innate Intelligence)

What is the purpose of the mental impulse?

The mental impulse, as I perceive it, is the essence of life. It transcends scientific definitions and the systematic processes we typically associate with living beings. It’s an intangible force, the command that imbues life with vitality and existence. This impulse is the coordinator, orchestrator, and conduit for all measurable aspects of life, embodying what I would describe as “Impulsed Intelligence.”

This concept is not just theoretical; it’s a dynamic interplay between Universal Forces and Innate Intelligence. Universal Forces are the external pressures that constantly act upon us, often in destructive ways. In contrast, Innate Intelligence is our internal, creative force, constantly adapting and creating within us. The mental impulse acts as a bridge between these two, facilitating micro-adaptations that allow for a harmonious existence amidst these forces.

Consider the analogy of a broken bone: when external forces exceed our innate capacity to adapt, the bone fractures. Yet, even in this state of breakdown, there’s an underlying intelligence at work. This mental impulse ensures that blood continues to flow to the affected area, vessels re-route, and clotting occurs where necessary, all while maintaining essential functions. It’s an adaptation to the adaptation, a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of life’s internal mechanisms.

In essence, the mental impulse is life’s underlying current, enabling existence and adaptability without conscious thought. It allows us to appreciate and marvel at the complexity and wonder of being alive. It’s a part of us that connects our conscious self to our higher, more universal self. The mental impulse is the silent, ever-flowing stream of intelligence within us, orchestrating the symphony of life in ways we might never fully comprehend but can always appreciate.