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Harmony in Healing: Chiropractic Insights

As I journey through my chiropractic studies, a principle has deeply resonated with me, shaping my understanding of health and healing. It’s the concept of Innate and Universal Intelligence, which I first encountered in my initial trimester of chiropractic philosophy. This principle aligns seamlessly with my long-held belief that our bodies inherently strive to preserve themselves, adapting to various situations and challenges rather than self-destructing.

I’ve come to understand that our bodies are in a constant state of adaptation, responding to both internal and external environments. However, when destructive forces disrupt this balance, it’s a sign that the natural energy of existence and balance has been interrupted, distracted, or weakened. This disruption, as I’ve learned, is often due to interference or subluxation. This insight isn’t exclusive to chiropractic; many doctors from various fields acknowledge this premise of disease and incoordination. They recognize that symptoms are often the body’s final cry for help after tirelessly fighting to maintain homeostasis.

The interplay between Innate Intelligence, the body’s inherent wisdom, and Universal Intelligence, the overarching order of the universe, fascinates me. While our innate intelligence works diligently to preserve and restore our health, universal intelligence seeks to maintain a coordinated flow of energy throughout the universe. When these forces clash, it’s often our health that suffers as a result of the disturbance in coordination.

As a future chiropractor, I envision my role as a facilitator of harmony. My mission will be to identify disruptions in the body’s natural coordination and assist in restoring balance. By doing so, I aim to bridge the gap between the body’s Innate Intelligence, which seeks to heal and adapt, and the relentless onslaught of destructive influences from Universal Intelligence.

Understanding these concepts has not only deepened my appreciation for the complexity of the human body but also reinforced my commitment to chiropractic care. It’s a journey of constant learning, understanding, and adapting, and I’m excited to contribute to the field by helping individuals reconnect with their natural state of health and balance.