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I cannot, nor will ever be a practitioner that tells someone to get off of a medication. Regardless of scope, I leave the patient the choice for their own health. Now, I may highly recommend them to get off a medication and I will have another route for them to take. I don’t agree with or believe in any particular medicine, but I understand that it is all a choice of the person. I can however do my very best to educate those around me and those that come to me. I can and will always be honest about health and wellness. I will always educate people on the incredible power that is inside of the human body is far greater than the power that is outside of the body. I am not attempting to be any kind of hero, nor am I educated in a heroic model. I am passionate about the above-down, inside-out “ADIO” concept. Our brain being the above, the spinal cord and nervous system being down, the rest of the body being inside, and to the outside or environment being the out. “The power that created the body, has the power to heal the body”. There are a some that are educated in a heroic model-oriented program. Which is not a bad thing, but it creates a closed mind and sensitivity to concepts that go against that mindset. We as a species do not deal with threats lightly. If someone threatens your “known” facts from what you were educated in, or to say someone questions your intelligence. We tend to react by going for the metaphorical jugular.

When you are taught and told you will save people and get that hero mindset for your career path, of course it is understandable to want to keep that an exclusive and highly sought-after platform. The problem with that is that you can’t just be taught to be a hero. Look at Hercules, he couldn’t just feel he was a hero he had to be heroic by action. That was him learning to be selfless, not selfish. Being a hero isn’t just by doing what most can’t, it is by doing what most wouldn’t. As a practitioner we should be doing what others at a highly seen position won’t do. That entails educating the people around you, showing them a way that is better for them as a whole, showing them ways to take account for their own health that may not make us extra money, we need to help people be their own hero. The real heroes are the practitioners that don’t play a hero, they create heroes within their communities. Going natural with foods, supplements, activity, and energy is how you help your community become better than itself. You detox the patient, who then detoxes their personal community, which grows to a public community detox. Small towns do a better job of this being mostly a tighter knit community.

I don’t like to place blame and point fingers, but I can say that if you follow the money. you will see that we are set up to become reliant on unnatural and pseudo substances. We are from nature, why would natural anything be harmful to us? That is what I ask. From my point of view, why do we add the word “big” to the systems or manufacturers. We have Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Data, Big Law, Big Ag, Big Media, etc. These are all areas we label as “big” with the word intended to mean monopoly or in a negative connotation. We didn’t call those industries “big” before they became in control of their specific areas that make them money. We are also at their will when they make a claim or regulate what they consider to be acceptable to the public. A lot of us are not taught or educated on the matters that be from the “big” industries. A lot of us also go to the doctor, counselor, dietician, and more for our information. If those that you go to are taught that what the “big” powers are “the say all be all” on information, and never question them. Then in turn us, as the public will suffer the ignorance that is given to us. This is where a lot of addictions and health problems will begin.

Addictions are not often the ones portrayed on mainstream media sources. Most addictions are given as a prescription. As said by Marcus Aurelius “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”. As is this entire post, it is my opinion all from my perspective. I do invite those that read this to understand that nothing is set in stone when it comes to health, a lot is an innate (logical) sense we are born and built with. So please read this with an open mind, and all I request is at the end ask yourself; why to mainstream accepted statements, and why not to yourself making your own decisions. There will be links to articles, documentaries, and books to back the claims that I am in favor of. This is all an opinion and perspective on my part.


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